Professor Joubert, the Founder of Medicinal Wine Institute, is a student of Emile Peynaud,  who was a well known professor of oenology in Bordeaux, France. He has been enjoying wine since six months old. In the Haut Médoc area were he was born, it’s a tradition to give babies a few drops of quality red wine in water to get them accustomed to this longevity elixir. At the time, his father was working for Chateau Margaux and Chateau Mouton Rothschild. So every Sunday, the Joubert family enjoyed a healthy bottle of Mouton Rothschild red wine. Mouton means sheep in French and it was named as such because the Baron Philippe de Rothschild, the wine owner, chose the best sheep manure to give his wine that “….je ne sais quoi” taste.

Before heading North for Medical School in Paris, Pr. Joubert took a wine  course with Emile Peynaud on the Talence campus of the University of Bordeaux and ever since this course, he has recommended wine  as medicine for different ailments as well as for holistic supercentenarian aging. In this realm, the person who is in the Guiness record book for having broken the longevity record is Jeanne Calment from South France. Her daily medicine ? Red wine. (Source)  Most supercentenanrians in Europe drink lightly to moderately quality wine, thereby warding off multiple chronic diseases, including cardiovascular events. Presently, Joubert is working on a “Wine as Medicine” book, based on his wine therapy workshops and clinical experience.

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Price-wise, we can organize a reasonable and affordable fee, depending on the complexity of the issue and the need.

The interested party can also email us at the same address for information on when the next Wine therapy workshop will be scheduled.

Likewise for the Peak Performance and Optimal Longevity Medicine Workshop  Pr Joubert on occasion organizes, most likely sometime this Fall.

“Long-term light alcohol intake lowered cardiovascular and all-cause mortality risk and increased life expectancy. Light wine consumption was associated with 5 years longer life expectancy” ( 2009 Jul;63(7):534-40) (Source)
 Château Margaux, a First Growth from the Bordeaux region of France, is highly collectible.

Pr. Joubert coaches Holistic Health-Care Enthusiasts on Chronic Disease Reversals and Optimal Longevity

Pr Joubert also coaches patients and caretakers who are struggling with complex chronic diseases and accelerated aging and wish to reach the supercentenarian potential (110 years and beyond). But to qualify for the Institute’s coaching and consultancy service, the client should be enthused with Holistic Health-care & Rejuvenation Medicine. If there is no enthusiasm for this approach, then the Institute’s coaching and consultancy services can’t fully prosper. Optimistic skeptism is still a good scientific attitude and the Institute’s coaches respond with strong evidence-based “exhibits” supporting their claims. But for Holistic Medicine to reach its full potential, the element of “enthusiasm” is required.

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Above, the molecular signature (structure) of Resveratrol. So what is  in this molecule’s atomic “spin” that generates a few of the many benefits of quality red wine ? Answers in workshops, talks or coaching.

Pr Joubert on occasion organizes holistic health rejuvenation Mediterranean retreats and spiritual pilgrimages in South France.

Joubert got medically trained in France, at the Pierre and Marie Curie Faculté de Médecine. Not attracted to drug-prescription based medicine nor surgery, so he got an additional three years training at the Ecole Francaise d’Acupuncture in Chinese Medicine,  studied at the CNAM (clinical nutrition training) and thereafter, got educated at the CEREDOR (Vie & Action) and Jus Cogens Institute in naturopathy (“natural” or holistic medicine). Assumptionist via education, Catholic via his French father &  Jewish via his Polish Mother and his past life in Israel, Joubert took refuge in Tibetan Buddhism ten years ago with Getse Rinpoche and is presently living in South California where he practices mindful meditation and is working on building an European-flavored Holistic Medicine & Rejuvenation Center as well as delving in book Research, book writing and the like.

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Top:   Professor  Joubert, at the international integrative oncology convention  in  San Diego in 2016. Joubert is from Francce, the country which was ranked by the W.H.O. (World Health Organization)  number one, out of 191 countries. (Source)

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