To hire Professor Joubert as a Wine & Food therapy and-or Holistic Rejuvenation and Supercentenarian Health coach, please email at this address:

Price-wise, we can organize a reasonable and affordable fee, depending on the complexity of the issue and the need.

The interested party can also email us at the same address for information on when the next Centenarian Wine Protocol therapy workshop will be scheduled. Likewise for the Peak Performance and Optimal Longevity Supercentenarian Medicine Workshop  Pr Joubert on occasion organizes, most likely sometime this Fall.

Pierre will be your wine Holistic Coach guiding you back to your birth-right: a healthy cancer-free long lifespan to 96 years and beyond.

How to Communicate with us ?

To be certain we get your questions and-or requests, please use both the email below as well as the contact form to explain your concerns as well as your health challenge questions. Email is preferred:

If you would like a 15  minutes complementary (free) consultation, either via text and-or live, please inform us of that too and submit the central challenge you wish to resolve. Given time constraints, we will respond to only one challenge for free, either by email or live.


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